Digitalisation and Sustainability:

Solutions for Today’s World

We have only one Earth: we need to take care of it. And we can only do that if we know exactly what happens on our planet. This means that we must have the right kind of data: relevant, accurate and at the right time. Only then will we know how to respond effectively to protect our natural resources, and create a sustainable working and living environment for all.

Spacegen uses satellites in space, watching out for all that happens on the Earth’s surface. We are at the forefront of the development of innovative and cost-effective satellite remote sensing solutions using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies. We observe scenarios over a multitude of terrains – across mountains and flood plains, through forests and plantations, and along pipelines and power transmission routes. We monitor land movements; track the spread and intensity of fire trails; detect, identify and trace pollution on water, air and land; and collect data on many more spontaneous occurrences that take place on our planet.

Spacegen. Your eyes in space

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